• Blank Tang.
• Manufactured from high strength seamless copper tubing and Electro-Tin plated.
• Longer and Chamfered Barrel.
• Color Coded.
• Clearly marked with wire size and die index for Ilsco tools, proper number and location of crimps.
• Flexibility for special drilling of mounting hole requirements.
• -45 or -90 indicates 45° or 90° tang, respectively.
• 500 kcmil - 8 AWG, #8 - # 2 SOL UL467 Listed for grounding and bonding applications.
• Direct burial 500 kcmil - 10.
• UL 486A 90° C Listed and CSA Certified.
• If proper high voltage spacings and insulation techniques are used, may be used for high voltage applications up to 35KV.
• Range-taking with ILSCO dieless tools and Burndy Y644M dieless tool.
• For Copper Conductor only.
• Strand configurations:
• Copper - Class B concentric, Class B compressed, Class C concentric.
• Listed with Ilsco tools ILC-12, ILC-12H, ILCB-12, ILC-14, ILC-14H, ILC-15, MT-25, 94285, IDT-12, IDT-12H, ILC-10, IDTB-12.

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDConductor SizeAlternate Conductor SizeExpanded Conductor RangeTang LengthTang WidthBarrel LengthStrip LengthColor CodeDie Index NumberDie Catalog NumberOutside DiameterInside Diameter
CLWU-6#6 AWG#6 FLEX, 6 SOL 3.00000.76001.13001.1870BLUEI-24ILD-240.31200.2250
CLWU-4#4 AWG#4 SOL4-6 AWG3.00000.76001.13001.1870GRAYI-29ILD-290.34300.2500
CLWU-3#3 AWG#4 FLEX3-6 AWG3.00000.75001.13001.1870WHITEI-29ILD-290.37500.2750
CLWU-2#2 AWG#2 SOL2-6 AWG3.00000.74001.13001.1870BROWNI-33ILD-330.42100.3120
CLWU-1#1 AWG#2 FLEX1-6 AWG3.00000.74001.38001.4370GREENI-37ILD-370.46800.3590
CLWU-1/01/0 AWG#1 FLEX1/0-6 AWG3.00000.74001.50001.5620PINKI-42ILD-420.51500.3900
CLWU-2/02/0 AWG1/0 FLEX2/0-4 AWG3.00000.81001.50001.5620BLACKI-45ILD-450.56200.4370
CLWU-3/03/0 AWG2/0 FLEX3/0-2 AWG3.00000.89001.50001.5620ORANGEI-50ILD-500.60900.4840
CLWU-4/04/0 AWG3/0 FLEX4/0-1 AWG3.00001.00001.50001.5620PURPLEI-54ILD-540.68700.5460
CLWU-250250 kcmil4/0 FLEX250 kcmil - 1/0 AWG3.00001.09001.69001.7500YELLOWI-62ILD-620.75000.5930
CLWU-300300 kcmil250 G,H FLEX300 kcmil - 2/0 AWG3.00001.19002.00002.0620WHITEI-66ILD-660.81200.6600
CLWU-350350 kcmil250 I,K,M FLEX 262.2 DLO350 kcmil - 3/0 AWG3.00001.29002.00002.0620REDI-71ILD-710.89000.7030
CLWU-400400 kcmil300 G,H,I,K,M FLEX 313.1 DLO400 kcmil - 4/0 AWG3.00001.37002.13002.1870BLUEI-76ILD-760.93700.7500
CLWU-500500 kcmil350 G,H,I,K,M FLEX 373.7 DLO500 kcmil - 250 kcmil3.00001.53002.25002.3120BROWNI-87ILD-871.06200.8280
CLWU-600600 kcmil400 G,H,I,K,M FLEX 444.4 DLO600 kcmil - 250 kcmil3.00001.71002.69002.7490GREENI-94ILD-941.18700.9200
CLWU-650650 kcmil500 G,H,I,K,M FLEX 535.3 DLO650 kcmil - 350 kcmil3.00001.76002.69002.7490PINKI-99ILD-991.21700.9580
CLWU-700700 kcmil500 G,H,I & K,M FLEX 535.3 DLO700 kcmil - 350 kcmil3.00001.82002.69002.7490PINKI-99ILD-991.25000.9910
CLWU-750750 kcmil600 G,H,I,M FLEX 646.4 DLO750 kcmil - 500 kcmil3.00001.90002.88002.9370BLACKI-106ILD-1061.31301.0310
CLWU-10001000 kcmil750 G,H,I FLEX 777.7 DLO1000 kcmil - 750 kcmil3.00002.17003.00003.0620WHITEI-125ILD-1251.50001.1720