KUP-L-TAP® (IPC) Insulation Piercing (Dual Rated)

• Kup-L-Tap(R) insulation piercing connector.
• Body is molded from tough, resilient glass-filled nylon.
• UL 486A/B 90° C Listed and is CSA Certified.
• For use with stranded conductor Class B or C
• Compact design.
• Tin Plated copper contact teeth and pre-filled with silicone lubricant.
• Removable end tabs.
• Dual Rated for Copper and Aluminum Conductor.
• UL File E6207

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor Range MainConductor Range TapVoltageHex SizeStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
IPC-1/0-241/0-8 AWG2-8 AWG300 (480 GROUNDED Y SYSTEM)1/2120783669532661
IPC-4/0-624/0-4 AWG6-14 AWG6001/2120783669532692
IPC-4/0-2/014/0-2 AWG2/0-6 AWG6001/280783669532715
IPC-250-4/02250 kcmil-1 AWG4/0-6 AWG6005/840783669523737
IPC-350-4/01350 kcmil-4/0 AWG4/0-10 AWG300 (480 GROUNDED Y SYSTEM)5/840783669532746
IPC-350-3503350 kcmil-4/0 AWG350 kcmil-4/0 AWG300 (480 GROUNDED Y SYSTEM)5/840783669532760
IPC-500-121500 kcmil-250 kcmil10-12 AWG300 (480 GROUNDED Y SYSTEM)5/840783669532777
IPC-500-2501500 kcmil-250 kcmil250 kcmil-4 AWG6005/8 - 11/1640783669532784
IPC-500-5001500 kcmil-300 kcmil500 kcmil-250 kcmil6007/8 - 7/810783669532807
IPC-750-5001750 kcmil-500 kcmil500 kcmil-350 kcmil6007/8 - 7/810783669532821
IPC-4/0-6-B     630783669532860