• Watertight EPDM rubber splice cover.
• Tapered ends.
• Type SS is cover only supplied with lubricant.
• Type SSK kit is supplied with both connector and lubricant.
• No taping required. Two-Part sleeve (not a heatshrink) for use with inline splices.
• SSKC contains AS Compression Sleeves.
• Dual Rated for Copper and Aluminum Conductor.

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor RangeExpanded Conductor RangeConnector Catalog NumberStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
SS-350-ZCOVER ONLYCOMPRESSION 500 kcmil-6, MECHANICAL 350 kcmil-6  30783669874006
SSK-350-Z1350 kcmil-6 AWG SPA-35030783669874501
SSKC-6-Z26 AWG ASN-630783669857603
SSKC-4-Z24 AWG4-6 AWGASN-430783669857627
SSKC-2-Z22 AWG2-6 AWGASN-230783669857641
SSKC-1/0-Z21/0 AWG1/0-1 AWGASN-1/030783669857542
SSKC-2/0-Z22/0 AWG2/0-1 AWGASN-2/030783669857566
SSKC-3/0-Z23/0 AWG3/0-1 AWGASN-3/030783669857580
SSKC-4/0-Z24/0 AWG4/0-1 AWGASN-4/030783669857504
SSKC-250-Z2250 kcmil250 kcmil-1/0 AWGASN-25030783669857528