• UL486A/B Listed and CSA Certified.
• Rated for 600 Volts and 90° C.
• Dual Rated for Aluminum and Copper Conductor.
• Stranded Class B & C concentric, compressed and unidirectional lay compact
• Rated for full ampacity of incoming conductor.
• Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy.
• Pin is knurled and off center.
• Chamfered barrel and prefilled with De-Ox.
• Clearly marked with conductor size and die index.
• Marked with number and location of crimps and Color Coded.
• All supplied with insulating cover except ACO-1000.
• ACO-1000 is range taking.
• ACO-1000 must be applied with Dieless Tools Only.
• Coverage for 900 compact aluminum in the ACO-750 when using HK12ID & EK12ID tools only.
• Refer to Tool & Die Charts under Reference Tab for listed Tools.
• UL File # E62525

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDConductor SizeDie Index NumberColor CodePin DiameterPin LengthBarrel LengthCover LengthApproximate Pin SizeStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
ACO-2/02/0 AWG12WHITE0.33000.84001.37002.0000#1100783669009507
ACO-3/03/0 AWG12WHITE0.37001.22001.37002.00001/0100783669009521
ACO-4/04/0 AWG12WHITE0.42001.22001.37002.00002/0100783669009545
ACO-250250 kcmil14BROWN0.47001.22001.41002.25003/0100783669009569
ACO-300300 kcmil14BROWN0.53001.34001.41002.25004/0100783669009576
ACO-350350 kcmil14BROWN0.57001.34001.41002.2500250 kcmil100783669009583
ACO-90-350350 kcmil14BROWN0.57001.34001.41002.2500250 kcmil60783669009675
ACO-500500 kcmil16APINK0.68001.60002.03003.2500350 kcmil100783669009606
ACO-90-500500 kcmil16APINK0.68001.60002.03003.2500350 kcmil30783669009682
ACO-600600 kcmil18YELLOW0.73001.64002.03003.2500400 kcmil30783669009620
ACO-750700 kcmil, 750 kcmil18YELLOW0.81001.76002.03003.2500500 kcmil30783669009644
ACO-10001000 kcmil-750 kcmilN/AN/A0.90002.00002.0300N/A600 kcmil30783669009651