• Manufactured from electrolytic copper tubing and strip stock.
• Compact design.
• Range Taking for reduced inventories and flexibility.
• Re-Usable.
• UL 486A/B Listed and CSA Certified.
• Suitable for use in circuits rated 35KV or less; proper high voltage spacing and insulation techniques must be used.
• Saves space and reduces installation time.
• XT-6 is UL467 listed for grounding and bonding. Not rated for direct burial
• XT-6DB and XT-4DB are UL Listed and suitable for direct burial
• XT-6DB and XT-4DB do not have voltage rating.
• Contact Factory for listed wire combinations.
• For Copper Conductor only..
• A - UL listed combinations (2) 14 STR. or (2) 12 STR. or (2) 10 STR. or (2) 8 STR. and (4) 16 STR.
• B - UL listed combinations (2) 6 STR. and (2) 8 STR.
• UL File E6207

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor RangeBolt/Stud SizeTang LengthLengthWidthStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
XT-10110-14 AWG1/80.53130.87500.31251000783669958195
XT-636-18 AWG#100.53131.00000.37501000783669957716
XT-6DB16-14 AWG#100.53131.00000.37501000783669957730
XT-414-14 AWG & Listed Combination (A)1/40.75001.25000.50001000783669957556
XT-4DB14-14 AWG & Listed Combination (A)1/40.53101.25000.50001000783669957570
XT-011/0-6 AWG & Listed Combination (B)1/40.90631.53130.6250500783669957396
XT-4024/0-6 AWG5/161.06302.18751.0000250783669959239
XT-5002500 kcmil-2/0 AWG3/81.64003.18801.500060783669960372