• Manufactured from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy - use with copper or aluminum conductor.
• Watertight connector, suitable for direct burial in earth or concrete.
• Rated for 600 volts for reliability.
• Range taking for reduced inventory needs.
• 500-750 kcmil items are clear plated for low contact resistance.
• Cover has dielectric strength of 240 volts per mil, nominal thickness of 125 mils. No taping required.
• PED-350SS-DB and PED-500SS-DB series UL 486D Listed and CSA Certified for direct burial.
• 350 kcmil items meet or exceed ANSI 119.1 & 119.6 Class A specifications for reliability.
• 500-750 kcmil items meet or exceed ANSI 119.1 & 119.4 Class A specifications for reliability.
• 350 kcmil items are encapsulated in TPE specifically formulated for electrical/waterproofing requirements.
• 350 kcmil bars are tin plated for low contact resistance.
• 350 kcmil items have re-sealable and tethered wire ports.
• UL File E125087

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor RangeNumber of Ports MainOverall LengthWidthHeightStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
PED2-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG22.43004.44702.435020783669712193
PED3-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG33.55504.44702.435020783669712223
PED4-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG44.68004.44702.435020783669712247
PED5-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG55.80504.44702.435020783669712261
PED6-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG66.93004.44702.435020783669712285
PED8-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG89.18004.44702.435020783669712308
PED9-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG910.30504.44702.435020783669712216
PED10-350SS-DB1350 kcmil-12 AWG1011.43004.44702.435020783669712230
PED-4-750-SS-Z3750 kcmil-2 AWG46.97306.50003.900010783669712124
PED-6-750-SS-Z3750 kcmil-2 AWG610.35206.50003.900010783669712148
PED-8-750-SS-Z3750 kcmil-2 AWG813.73006.50003.900010783669712162
PED3-500SS-DB2500 kcmil -10 AWG34.5645.062.8560783669700268
PED4-500SS-DB2500 kcmil -10 AWG46.0325.062.8560783669700275
PED5-500SS-DB2500 kcmil -10 AWG57.55.062.8560783669700282
PED6-500SS-DB2500 kcmil -10 AWG68.9695.062.8560783669700299
PED8-500SS-DB2500 kcmil -10 AWG811.9075.062.8560783669711820