• Manufactured from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
• Electro-Tin plated.
• Suitable for use in circuits rated at 35 KV or less; proper high voltage spacing and insulation techniques must be used.
• Suitable for use with either copper or aluminum conductors.
• Chamfered wire entry provides ease of installation.
• CSA Certified.
• Rated to 90° C.
• UL 486A/B Listed, UL File E6207.
• TA-6-S through TA-500 Listed to UL467, UL File E6207

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Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor RangeBolt/Stud SizeMounting Hole SpacingLengthWidthHeightHex SizeStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
TA-6-S14-14 AWG1/4 1.06250.50000.5000S1000783669888386
TA-212-14 AWG or (2) 10-14 CU or (2) 10-12 AL1/4 1.15630.50000.5500S1000783669887747
TA-011/0-14 AWG or (2) 4-12 AWG1/4 1.46880.62500.7940S500783669887150
TA-2/022/0-14 AWG1/4 1.46880.62500.79403/16500783669177497
TA-2502250 kcmil-6 AWG5/16 1.98400.99001.12205/16250783669889420
TA-3002300 kcmil-6 AWG1/4 1.98400.85301.12205/16250783669187410
TA-3502350 kcmil-6 AWG3/8 2.25001.12501.25003/8250783669889932
TA-350-2NS5350 kcmil-6 AWG1/21-3/44.31251.12501.37503/860783669892222
TA-350-2N6350 kcmil-6 AWG1/21-3/45.50001.25001.5000(2)3/860783669892239
TA-5002500 kcmil-4 AWG3/8 2.81251.50001.56203/8120783669891010
TA-500-S3(1) 600 kcmil-4 AWG or (2) Equal 250 kcmil-1/0 AWG3/8 2.81251.31251.81201/260783669891447
TA-6002600 kcmil-2 AWG3/8 3.18751.50001.56301/2120783669892161
TA-600-2NS5600 kcmil-2 AWG1/21-3/44.68751.50001.56301/230783669892178
TA-600-2N6600 kcmil-2 AWG1/21-3/45.50001.37501.5000(2)1/230783669892253
TA-8002800 kcmil-300 kcmil5/8 3.37501.75001.93801/230783669893205
TA-800-S4800 kcmil-3/0 AWG5/8 3.25001.31251.81201/230783669893120
TA-800-2NS5800 kcmil-300 kcmil1/21-3/44.75001.75001.93801/230783669892185
TA-800-2N6800 kcmil-300 kcmil1/21-3/45.97001.50001.8130(2) 3/830783669893403
TA-100021000 kcmil-350 kcmil5/8 3.37501.75001.93809/1630783669895582
TA-1000-S41000 kcmil-500 kcmil5/8 3.25001.43751.81209/1630783669895667
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