ILSCOM® FX Flex Braid Double Mounting Hole

• Manufactured from pure copper braid
• Electro-tin plated
• Seamless pure copper ferrules
• Ferrules clean cut and precision formed to braid
• Flexible braid
• Provides superior ground path
• Corrosion resistant
• Low resistance
• Assures permanent low resistance connection
• Compensates for linear expansion, vibration, and other dimensional offset conditions

Tested to UL 467, UL File E34440
Amp Rating will vary with ambient conditions, orientation of the braid and other service conditions

** Available lengths: 12", 18", 24", 36", and 48"
Contact Customer Care for custom lengths, mounting hole requirements and configurations

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDWire EquivalentAmpsNumber of BraidsThicknessWidthLength of FerruleMounting Hole SpacingMounting Hole DiameterBolt Size
FX-BD121 AWG19010.131.192.510.413/8
FX-BD12N1 AWG19010.131.1931.750.561/2
FX-BD181 AWG19010.131.192.510.413/8
FX-BD18N1 AWG19010.131.1931.750.561/2
FX-BD241 AWG19010.131.192.510.413/8
FX-BD24N1 AWG19010.131.1931.750.561/2
FX-BD361 AWG19010.131.192.510.413/8
FX-BD36N1 AWG19010.131.1931.750.561/2
FX-BD481 AWG19010.131.192.510.413/8
FX-BD48N1 AWG19010.131.1931.750.561/2
FX-BE123/0 AWG34010.211.252.510.413/8
FX-BE12N3/0 AWG34010.211.2531.750.561/2
FX-BE183/0 AWG34010.211.252.510.413/8
FX-BE18N3/0 AWG34010.211.2531.750.561/2
FX-BE243/0 AWG34010.211.252.510.413/8
FX-BE24N3/0 AWG34010.211.2531.750.561/2
FX-BE363/0 AWG34010.211.252.510.413/8
FX-BE36N3/0 AWG34010.211.2531.750.561/2
FX-BE483/0 AWG34010.211.252.510.413/8
FX-BE48N3/0 AWG34010.211.2531.750.561/2
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