Grounding Kits Copper Bus Bars

• Bars manufactured from copper
• Supplied with insulators, brackets & mounting hardware
• Stainless steel mounting bracket
• Large thread insulator mounting hardware
• Common bracket mounting
• Ensures maximum conductivity and strength
• Out of box ready for installation. Lock washers prevent loosening of insulator bolts
• Corrosion resistance
• Ideal for heavy duty service
• Simplicity. Common pattern dimension fits all


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Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDInsulatorSpacingLengthWidthThickness
BBFC-2-10-16-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/88.5010.002.000.25
BBFC-2-24-36-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/822.0024.002.000.25
BBFC-4-10-22A-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/88.5010.004.000.25
BBFC-4-10-22B-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/88.5010.004.000.25
BBFC-4-12-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/810.5012.004.000.25
BBFC-4-12-18-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/810.5012.004.000.25
BBFC-4-12-24-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/810.5012.004.000.25
BBFC-4-16-24-KIT(2) 3400V, 5/814.5016.004.000.25
BBFC-4-16-32-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/814.5016.004.000.25
BBFC-4-20-KIT(2) 3400V, 5/818.5020.004.000.25
BBFC-4-20-18-KIT(2) 3400V, 5/818.5020.004.000.25
BBFC-4-20-68-KIT(2) 3400V, 5/818.5020.004.000.25
BBFC-4-24-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/822.5024.004.000.25
BBFC-4-24-36-KIT(2) 2500V, 3/822.5024.004.000.25