Grounding Copper Bus Bars 2

• Manufacturing from copper
• Industry standard
• Master grounding point
• Multiple connection points
• Ensures maximum conductivity and strength
• Assemble & install
• Protects equipment from incoming surges
• Accommodates NEMA and conventional lug mountings. Eliminates miss-wiring which can lead to EMI immunity issues


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Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberInsulator Mounting SizeNumber of Mounting PointsHole SizeLengthWidthThickness
BBFC-2-10-1613/8(16)0.281 Dia.
BBFC-2-24-3623/8(36)0.281 Dia.
BBFC-4-12-1833/8(18)0.437 Dia.
BBFC-4-12-2443/8(12) (12)0.437 Dia. 0.281 Dia.
BBFC-4-16-2455/8(24)0.437 Dia.
BBFC-4-16-3263/8(16) (16)0.437 Dia. 0.250 Dia.
BBFC-4-24-3673/8(36)0.437 Dia.
BBFC-4-20-6885/8(34) (34)0.437 Dia. 0.250 Dia.