Flex2Code Pin Adaptors

• All copper adaptor design allows flex conductors to be used with equipment rated for code conductors.
• For copper conductor only.
• Compact design saves space inside electrical panels.
• Only requires one crimp to save installation time.
• Supplied with insulating cover.
• UL 486A/B Listed for 600V, 90°C
• UL 467 Listed for direct bury 500 kcmil - 6 AWG
• Color coded to identify proper compression die.
• Chamfered entry for easy conductor insertion.
• Electro-tin plated.

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDApproximate Pin SizeConductor RangeExpanded Conductor RangePin LengthBarrel LengthLengthPin DiameterColor CodeDie Index NumberCover Catalog NumberOutside Diameter
F2C-4-4#4#4 FLEX3-6 AWG0.7501.0751.8250.204WhiteI-29PCC-10.375
F2C-2-2#2#2 FLEX1-6 AWG0.7501.1381.8800.258GreenI-37PCC-20.468
F2C-1-1#1#1 FLEX1/0-6 AWG0.7501.1381.8800.289PinkI-42PCC-30.515
F2C-1/0-1/01/01/0 FLEX2/0-4 AWG0.8701.2002.0700.325BlackI-45PCC-30.562
F2C-2/0-2/02/02/0 FLEX3/0-2 AWG0.8701.2632.1330.365OrangeI-50PCC-40.609
F2C-3/0-3/03/03/0 FLEX4/0-1 AWG0.9001.2632.1630.410PurpleI-54PCC-50.687
F2C-4/0-4/04/04/0 FLEX250 kcmil-1/0 AWG1.0001.3252.3250.460YellowI-62PCC-60.750
F2C-250-250250 kcmil250 G,H FLEX300 kcmil-2/0 AWG1.1001.3252.4250.500WhiteI-66PCC-60.812
F2C-262-250250 kcmil250 I,K,M FLEX, 262.2 DLO350 kcmil-3/0 AWG1.1001.3882.4880.500RedI-71PCC-70.890
F2C-313-350350 kcmil300 FLEX, 313.1 DLO400 kcmil-4/0 AWG1.2501.4502.7000.592BlueI-76PCC-80.937
F2C-373-350350 kcmil350 FLEX, 373.7 DLO500 kcmil-250 kcmil1.2501.6382.8880.592BrownI-87PCC-91.062
F2C-444-500500 kcmil400 FLEX, 444.4 DLO600 kcmil-250 kcmil1.5001.6383.1380.707GreenI-94PCC-101.187
F2C-535-500500 kcmil500 FLEX, 535.3 DLO700 kcmil-350 kcmil1.5001.8883.3880.707PinkI-99PCC-101.250
F2C-646-600600 kcmil600 FLEX, 646.4 DLO750 kcmil-500 kcmil1.5001.8883.3880.775BlackI-106PCC-111.313
F2C-777-750750 kcmil750 FLEX, 777.7 DLO1000 kcmil-750 kcmil1.7002.1383.8380.866WhiteI-125PCC-121.500