• Rated for 600 volts for reliability
• Watertight EPDM rubber splice cover with no taping required. Two part sleeve (not a heat shrink) for use with in-line splices. 125 mils thick with a dielectric strength of 240 volts per mil. Suitable for direct burial
• Tapered ends fit a wide ranfe of conductor sizes. To install, cut at the premarked graduation for the conductor size used
• Ready for installation. Not a mold, can be used in any type of weather (moisture and humidity are not a factor)
• Type SS is cover only supplied with lubricant which can be used with standard aluminum or copper compression from 500kcmil-6. Lubricant permits easy insertion of conductors into sleeve
• Type SS cover will accommodate 4" length only 500/350/250 kcmil compression sleeve
• Type SSK kit is supplied with both connector and lubricant - lubricant permits easy insertion of conductors into sleeve

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDConductor Range CompressionConductor Range MechanicalLengthConductor RangeStandard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
SS-350500 kcmil - 6 AWG350 kcmil - 6 AWG5.2790 120676566789019
SSK-350 350 kcmil - 6 AWG5.2790350 kcmil - 6 AWG500676566789040