• Manufactured from high strength 6061-T6 aluminum alloy - use with copper or aluminum conductor
• Rated for 600 volts for reliability
• Meets or exceeds ANSI 119.1 & 119.4 Class A specifications for reliability
• Encapsulated in EPOM rubber with a nominal thickness of 125 mil and dielectric strength of 240 volts per mil. Completely watertight in-line splice. Ready for installation, (not a mold for use with mixed compounds). No taping required. No temperature or humidity restrictions
• Pre-marked end inserts -simply cut end inserts to appropriate marked wire size and insert conductor into connector
• O-Ring design screw cap inserts ensures connector integrity while allowing ease of access to set screws, ensuring excellent sealing
• For direct burial in earth or concrete
• USPU Options:
• D - Disc Pad Screw
• P - Inhibitor (last position in part number)

Items Per Page

Compare/Cut SheetItem IDFigure NumberConductor RangeLengthHex SizeRecommended Torque (Inch Pounds)Standard Package QuantityNAED/UPC Number
USPA-350SS2350 kcmil-108.62505/16350240676566793757
USPA-350SSP2350 kcmil-108.62505/16350240676566793849
USPA-500SS1500 kcmil-1010.18755/16450120676566793788
USPA-500SSP1500 kcmil-1010.18755/16450120676566793870
USPA-750SS3750 kcmil-29.81253/850060676566793818
USPA-750SSP3750 kcmil-29.81253/850060676566793900